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The Informed Cities Forum 2016 in Dresden – What stays behind?

The Informed Cities Forum 2016 in Dresden – What stays behind?

The 5th Informed Cities Forum came to me like a thunderstorm: Coming for a long time, being here briefly and impressively and leaving me behind refreshed and contemplating on what had just happened.

When I close my eyes and think back to these intense one and a half days in Dresden about two weeks ago, this comes up: I remember a group of very mixed and all in their own way very inspiring and cordial people sitting together in a former church turned ruin turned theater turned conference venue under a glass roof that kept us connected to the burning sun, moving clouds and torrential rains outside. Everything changes… constantly. I remember international citizens in very different positions in society and representing manifold interest groups sharing their views and observations, their angle towards sustainability and their quarrels within, without, against or in favor of this basically hard to grasp thing, ”the system”. I remember questioning ourselves basically, if there is hope for the future of humankind on this planet. And if yes, how can we share this hope?

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