Why citizen bloggers?

Why citizen bloggers?

Welcome to the ARTS blog! The ARTS project is an EU-funded research project committed to understanding how we can accelerate our transition towards a low-carbon society and what is the role of citizen-driven transition initiatives in this process. If you want to find out more about the project itself, visit the project website.

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog is a joint effort of citizen bloggers coming from all five regions that participate in the ARTS project. Its aim is to give you a direct insight into what is happening on the local level. The bloggers, recruited through an open call, are following the project activities but also sharing their own perspective on the local dynamics. In their reports you will find stories on how transition is playing out in five very different cities across Europe, as told by the people who are making them happen.

The citizen bloggers are double agents in the best possible sense of this word.

On one hand, their role is to translate research concepts into a language that people in the region can relate to and therefore act as project ambassadors on the local level, in cooperation with academic partners.

On the other hand, the citizen bloggers can also act as community ambassadors, in the sense that they will feed back the needs and expectations of various local actors to the researchers that are part of the project consortium.

Caution: experiment in progress

We believe that local citizens are experts when it comes to local sustainability transitions and any acceleration ideas need to be firmly rooted in their experience. This blog and the whole citizen bloggers idea are an experiment in walking the co-production talk. We are excited to see where it takes us and we hope you’ll enjoy our regular dispatches from the ARTS transition regions!


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I work as Governance & Social Innovation Coordinator at ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability. Based in Freiburg (Germany), I am a public sector believer, night train addict and a proud Varsovian. My role in the ARTS project is to coordinate our dissemination and social learning strategy which this very blog is a part of.

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