DIY 2.0 – The new makerspace Rosenwerk

DIY 2.0 – The new makerspace Rosenwerk

Since January 1st of 2015 there is a new Makerspace in Dresden West. Various local initiatives, artists and creatives put a new, shared vision into practise: The Rosenwerk. The opening is scheduled for the second weekend of May.

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Envisioning together

A break can be used creatively, to adress new opportunities with renewed vigor. The people behind Werk.Stadt.Laden in Löbtau saw themselves compelled by – amongst other things – the difficult real estate situation for charitable projects in Dresden to take a break since the autumn of 2014. They took their time to reviewed earlier achievements and think in new ways. Earlier this year they and others came up with impressive news. A new vision was born: the Rosenwerk.

The Werk.Stadt.Laden moved together with the FabLab Dresden into a 350m² large former industrial property in the Western part of Dresden to form the Rosenwerk. The new space was found with the help of the Kreativraumagentur, a company that mediates between the creative industry and the real estate sector.

“The Rosenwerk offers resources such as screen printing, laser cutting and 3D printing and connects it with the experimental open spaces introduced into the utilization concept for the property in Jagdweg by the Konglomerate e.V. This combination provides a tremendous value to the club members and for the other tenants of the house, especially artists, and thus also for the landlord.” Quote by Torsten Rommel from Kreativraumagentur

Rosenwerk location in bird's eye view. Image: Google Maps

Rosenwerk location in bird’s eye view. Image: Google Maps

As the legal basis of the Rosenwerk serves the Konglomerat e.V., which was founded already in June 2012 to promote art, culture and education. Creatives and artists contributed to the vision since the beginning, such as the artist Ina Weise (28).

“We have built a new creative home here and want to work together to build a center of do-it-yourself culture in Dresden.” Quote by Ina Weise

Location in the city. Image: Google Maps

Location in the city. Image: Google Maps

Tool box for DIY

The Rosenwerk wants to offer all creatives and makers the possibility to work and design flexible and freely without the precondition of everyone buying all tools and equipment for it individually. Using of time, space and materials efficiently and effortlessly is the goal. Until the opening ceremony with a program from the 8th-10th of May 2015, the members will have established all work areas in its basic function.

The Werk.Stadt.Laden is working on

  • A newly installed wood and screen printing workshop
  • An analog photo and film workshop
  • A new digital printing workshop with large format photo printers and cutters
  • A large workshop area and computer workstations.
In the wood workshop. Image: Matthias Röder

In the wood workshop. Image: Matthias Röder

The FabLabDresden finds after several residencies in Dresden institutions in the Rosenwerk a new home for

  • A laser cutter,
  • A 3D printer and
  • An electronics area in which, besides other things, the experimenting with the physical computing platform Arduino will be possible.
Rosenwerk workshop layout. Image: Paul Breiter

Rosenwerk workshop layout. Image: Paul Breiter

A steady office in the Rosenwerk wants to keep the organizational structure running smoothly. Club members can use the space, the devices and the workshops for 30, – Euro per month.

“Our goal is a central and open production infrastructure in which everyone can incorporate their ideas. With this new do-it-yourself basis we want to empower all open-minded people to change their surrounding urban space for the better.” Quote by Bettina Weber

Community connection

In addition to the technical equipment the Rosenwerk wants to develop as a place of networking between people, ideas and skills. In an attached library everyone can inform themselves about DIY-techniques. A bar, a small kitchen, a lounge and the upcoming celebrations shall bring the creators and makers closer together. So they can form networks, develop ideas together, learn from each other and support each other in realizing common projects. Board member Matthias Röder adds:

“The workshops are in this sense is not an end in itself, but rather a means of self-empowerment and a refuge for meaningful self-work” Quote by Matthias Röder

Leap of faith

Even if the financing of the Rosenwerk is not yet secured long-term, the club members took a leap of faith and leased the workshop rooms anyways. They took this risk because many projects in Dresden have failed due to of the lack of available real estate. The space for the Rosenwerk is secured for now. But the concept relies on the support of the creatives of Dresden. The actors are now looking for more people and makers to breathe life into the new creative center to be able to operate the Rosenwerk sustainably.

A very professional presentation of the Rosenwerk concept can be found here. You can become an active member here.

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