Experiment Stockholm

Experiment Stockholm

This blogpost  is written by ARTS researchers Sara Borgström and Niki Frantzeskaki. There is an exhibition coming up at Färgfabriken!

Open to experimentation wilderness, the Stockholm way

With ‘Experiment Stockholm’ being a lighthouse action project of the Färgfabriken and partners (in total 25, amongst others several municipalities in Stockholm, Sweco, Ramböll, NordRegio and Stockholm Resilience Centre) to inspire and ignite discussions about change and experimenting with new forms of urban living and place making. The exhibition and program of Experiment Stockholm running 23 September to 29 November, that will bring together experimenting actors to a common place, has also the ambition to foster discussions about these experiments as cases for rethinking urban fabric and how experimenting with urban fabric can leverage transformations and continuous learning grounds. The program has the ambition to inspire critical and creative discussions around experimentation and transformation with urban actors, and in the partner meeting of the 22nd of May 2015, the multi-actor audience was openly discussing ideas, progress and get the heads and hearts around ‘what experimentation we go for.

A retrofitted or simply repurposed greenhouse that try out new solutions to urban challenges of energy and water efficiency and food production will be located in the exhibition. The artist Luis Berrios-Negron that will be living in this greenhouse with his family, invites the visitors to explore and discuss new forms of urbanism. In order to connect the exhibition to the multiple realities of the Stockholm urban landscape, the artist Anna Asplind will present a video exploring a non-car journey from inner city to suburbia, whilst the Invisible Theater will create personalized audio walks inviting the visitors to explore the surroundings of Färgfabriken based on their own preferences. In order to further spur discussions on how we actually build and thereby transform Stockholm the Asante Architects will create a playground of wooden building blocks where visitors can try new ways of organizing the city. Stockholm Resilience Centre will during the exhibition trace experiences and opinions about living in Stockholm to bring together five elements: function of possibilities, likeliness, value of appearances, value of nature experiences, simply catching the experience and the feeling of people who live in the city asking them ‘Where is your Stockholm?’ The experimental angle to this is the capturing of experiences and values of Stockholmers and bring these inputs to inform urban planning and new developed maps of ecosystem services in Stockholm

Think, Experiment, Experience, Repeat!

The Artistic Competition of the ARTS project is partnering with the Experiment Stockholm to further deepen the discussions about experimentation and transformations especially in the nexus of science, art and practice. With Färgfabriken being the incubator of many ideas and out-of-the-box thinkers and doers, we only need to wait with great anticipation for the wilderness of innovation to inspire us. The dialogues and discussions are continuous, and an event to pencil down is the Transition dialogue at Färgfabriken, the 7th of October 2015 on the theme ‘Sustainable Stockholm – transforming from what to what?’ hosted by Färgfabriken and co-organised by the Stockholm Resilience Centre ARTS’ project partner.

Want more?

About Experiment Stockholm: www.fargfabriken.se/en/startsida-expriment-stock-eng

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