ARTS competition: Sustainable Budapest in Pop art style

ARTS competition: Sustainable Budapest in Pop art style

The ARTS competition has ended in Hungary. The award-ceremony took place on Friday at the campus of Szent István University in Gödöllő, where the local ARTS partners completed with the heads of the university greeted the contestants. The event took place in front of the university’s Climate Office which aims to promote and teach sustaianable solutions for students.

The contestants could apply with ‘pop-artized’ pictures that show their vision of a green future in the Hungarian capital.

Winner of the contest Bálint Horváth applied with a photoshopped collage of a Death Star being charged from the statue of liberty in Budapest. He described his message as a call to recognize the possibilities that sustanaible solutions can provide to cities. The second best picture was taken by Maya Szalay, who photographed a highly pollutant incinerator behind an energy drink’s empty can, a symbol of unhealthy and non-sustainable consumer products.


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