5 Facebook groups for green Brightonians

5 Facebook groups for green Brightonians

Facebook is one of the best modern tools for finding local information from like-minded people, and is a great opportunity to learn how to be green. As long as you remember to turn off notifications from groups, you can turn your newsfeed from a stream of clubbing/baby/wedding/minion photos to a stream of information on sustainability in your city.

I’ve found jobs, competitions, gigs, bands and tips aplenty from joining the right Facebook groups and following the right pages. I found my job as an ARTS blogger through a Facebook group! If you want to dip your toes into what’s going on and the learning opportunities in your city, Facebook is a great place to do so.

This is my run-down of five of the best green groups in Brighton, in no particular order. This list is by no means exhaustive – there are dozens of brilliant speciality groups out there. These five all show a different side to what’s going on in our city.

  1. Brighton Green Drinks

I’ll admit, when I first heard of this I thought it was for fans of eco-friendly alcohol. Whilst one of my favourite pubs is pretty green, Brighton green drinks is a meet-up event for people working in towards sustainability in the city. Meeting once a month and not just at alcohol-orientated events is a great networking opportunity, but the Facebook group is even better. With a stream of varied posts from all over the city, it’s a great place to keep an ear to the ground of what’s happening within all sectors of sustainability.

  1. Sussex in Transition

For the students and more academically-inclined amongst us, this is my pick of the green student Facebook groups (of which there are many). Sussex in Transition is the society of the University of Sussex that acts as a hub for all other student societies focused on sustainability and the environment. Lectures, meetings and campus-based action are primarily advertised here. It’s low on spam (a problem that plagues many student Facebook groups) and high on engagement. If you want to learn more about why a transition to sustainability matters and what you can do, this is the group for you.

  1. Transition South East

This small but active group is largely run by a few dedicated individuals. But don’t let that put you off joining, the group has content ranging from local news to events and courses happening around the South East. Whilst it is a regional group, most of the activity is centred on Brighton and Hove. High quality, varied posts are what you’ll find here.

  1. Brighton Naked Bike Ride

Whilst naked bike riding may not be for everyone, this group is a great source of information about sustainable transport and the dangers of motoring. The Naked Bike Ride is an annual event where thousands of naked cyclists take to the streets to protest at the status quo of high emissions and the monopoly on public space that cars get. With information on bike safety and events also going on here, this group is a must for cyclists and eco-transport enthusiasts.

  1. Brighton…Land of Free Things!

Whilst there may be bigger freebie groups for Brighton (some boasting over 10,000 members), this is my favourite. The growing culture of re-use and charitability that is growing in Brighton can be seen on display here. Partly in thanks to movements like the People’s Republic of Brighton and Hove, people give generously through Facebook groups like Land of Free Things, or by the increasingly common method of just leaving items outside on the pavement. Check this group before going on a splurge for everything from clothes, furniture, books and knick-knacks.

Get in touch in the comments or on twitter @thatmiriam to let me know the best groups in your city, or if I’ve missed any of the best of Brighton!

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Miriam is a student at the University of Sussex in Brighton. She can be found at @ThatMiriam on twitter.

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